FOWAS has been helping pets in Santa Cruz County since 2002. Since that time, FOWAS has provided thousands of low-cost or free spay and neuter services for dogs, cats and rabbits in the Watsonville area. In addition, FOWAS helps abandoned animals in need of medical help and donates supplies to the County’s animal shelters. More about FOWAS.

Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic in Watsonville

Making appointments at the Watsonville Animal Shelter.

Extending hours in 2015!

As of January 6th, 2015 our clinic will be open an extra day - Tuesdays

In 2013, FOWAS established a clinic in Watsonville to provide low-cost spay and neuter services for dogs, cats and rabbits within Santa Cruz County.  Our clinic is a joint venture with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS).  In this arrangement,
  • FOWAS pays the rent, all utility bills, and procures surgical supplies.  
  • SCCAS (SC County Animal Shelter, the sponsor of the PLANNED PetHood program) provides veterinarians for the surgeries, provides scheduling of surgeries and volunteers, and helps secure grants for our joint services. All patient fees go to SCCAS to help offset these costs.
The costs currently covered by FOWAS amount to approximately $72,000 annually (estimated costs).  In addition, FOWAS spent $90,000 to make the rented facility operational. 

Initially, the clinic was opened one day a week - Wednesdays. Due to increased demand, the clinic will also be open on Tuesdays effective January 6th, 2015.

Thank you for helping make FOWAS a success!
FOWAS relies on donations to keep the clinic open long term.

Find out more about our clinic and programs here.

FREE spay/neuter for cats residing in zip code 95076.

To receive the FREE spay/neuter surgery, cat owners are required to purchase:
  • a microchip (includes registration),
  • rabies and FVRCP vaccinations,

all for a total of $5! ....includes a free case of cat food.

Cat owners should not bring their animals to register and must bring proof of residence in zip code 95076. Our grant has been extended by 6-months. This offer extends until July 2015. More info to follow.
Find out more:    at SCCAS    |   see press release on the FOWAS site.